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Educamix Kids has diversified content for children's entertainment. A collection of children's videos previously selected by the Educamix Kids team, children's games that spark interest and help with learning, children's songs, a family photo album and a secure internet browser with the most popular children's sites in the world, previously selected. In all these categories the tutor can add more content. For example, selecting custom videos or adding pages that can be accessed by web browser. You can also manage what kind of content can be accessed, blocking what is not allowed.

  • Parental control: choose what your kids watch and for how long.
  • History: Know what content your children like to access.
  • Video messages: If your child wants to send you a message, they can record a video and you will receive it in your email. You can reply to the message by recording another video and sending it to Educamix Kids, where the child can watch the reply.
  • Parents Panel: In parent configuration panel, you can define the emails where the video messages will be sent, and you can configure and change the password required to exit Educamix Kids.