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Alexandre Penasso


  • Leading teams specialized in the application of methodologies and technologies in Digital Experience, Architecture (AWS, Azure, GCP), DevOps, Microservices, Test Automation.
  • Acting in Advanced Analytics (Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, NLP) and agile transformation methods. Active in Startup and Companies engaged in disruptive technology and applying innovative solutions.
  • Carrying out innovative activities with Itaú, it was a great challenge as an architect. Creating an online spreadsheet control system (like dropbox) with control and security of stored information;
  • Creator of a system that meets the needs of automation for scheduling with NLP recognition (Asterisk voice, whatsapp, facebook and sms) –;
  • Development of Embedded Gnu/Linux Solutions as device drivers and automation and IoT;
  • Knowledge in Languages: Assembly, C, C#, Java, Angular, Node, Python
  • Knowledge in DB: RethinkDb, ElasticSearch, MySQL and SQLServer;
  • Methodologies: Agile, Kanban and Lean Inception.